HAUS's corporate responsibility principles

HAUS emphasizes following ethical principles in its dealings with clients and in all its business activity. HAUS is committed to following and promoting the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN’s International Declaration of Human Rights, and laws and regulations that are related to environmental protection.

Business and customer relations

  • All our business is based on ethics.
  • Legal compliance and high ethical principles are reflected in our business as well as our training sessions and the content of our projects.
  • We prize good governance, transparency in all operations and the prevention of corruption, especially in our international business activities.
  • We manage and administer international projects (including financial transactions) from Finland.
  • Our relationship with customers and stakeholders is based on trust. We emphasize listening to our clients and working in collaboration.
  • Our business processes and procedures are effective and transparent.
  • Our services are high quality and cost-effectively implemented. 

Procurement and purchasing

  • We emphasize legality, ethics and accountability in our procurement of services.
  • HAUS expects its direct suppliers, sub-contractors and other external service providers to follow the same laws and ethical principles as we do (operational and value-chain accountability).

Personnel and management

  • HAUS views corporate responsibility as an everyday part of management.
  • Ensuring personnel competence and employability and taking care of health and safety in the workplace are part of good and responsible human resources management.
  • HAUS's personnel policy respects the principles of equality and non-discrimination.
  • HAUS is a responsible employer. We have a good reputation and uphold our responsibilities and obligations.
  • HAUS uses an early intervention model.


  • HAUS is committed to decreasing the environmental impact of its operations.
  • In practice, environmental responsibility means recognizing one’s own environmental impact by e.g. minimizing non-essential travel and making wider use of video and web services to facilitate online training sessions and negotiations.
  • HAUS facilitates remote working.
  • HAUS procures machinery, equipment and materials according to the principles of sustainable development by e.g. encouraging recycling, reducing the use of paper, and by favouring eco-certified products and ethically-produced products.