EU funded Twinning Project Promotes Discussion on Integrity of Public Sector in Croatia

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Since February 2017, HAUS  has implemented a Twinning Project “Strengthening Integrity of Public Sector in Croatia” in partnership with the French School of Public Administration (ENA) and Ministry of Public Administration of Croatia. The project involves stakeholders from various levels of public administration and the key actors include Ministry of Justice and National School of Public Administration, with which HAUS has cooperated closely since 2015.

Follow-up from the previous awareness campaign “We are here for you” is one of the activities that has benefited from the know-how of Finnish and French communication experts. The new visual identity of the website dedicated to the theme and the promotional video that will be made available in various media sources were created in cooperation with local private sector companies.

The revitalized campaign now bears the slogan “Smile returns a smile – We are here for you” and is visible at https://uprava.gov.hr/tusmozbogvas/ that also has numerous news and photos featuring the project activities.

To launch the campaign and show leadership in integrity issues Ministry of Public Administration organized a conference titled “Next steps to strengthen integrity in Croatia”. The event was opened by the Minister of Public Administration, Mr. Lovro Kuščević and the core of the program was a panel discussion on the topic of integrity.


Minister of Public Administration Mr. Lovro Kuščević opened the conference titled “Next steps to strengthen integrity in Croatia”

The all-female-panel included two experts from the Twinning Project, Ambassador Ann-Marie Nyroos from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ms. Marie-Françoise Brulé from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. The local insight was offered by the President of the Commission for Resolution of Conflicts of Interest, Ms. Dalija Oreškovic, Assistant Minister Ms. Sanda Kulić Makar from the Ministry of Justice and Professor Gordana Marčetić from the Law Faculty of the University of Zagreb.

Audience consisted of over ninety participants that represented both public sector and non-governmental organizations.



The all-female panel composed of madams Gordana Marčetić, Ann-Marie Nyroos, Dalija Oreškovic, Marie-Françoise Brulé and Sanda Kulić Makar



Ann-Marie Nyroos sharing the Finnish experience in internalizing institutional values

The panelists, representing a complementary set of institutions and expertise were able to provide a wide angle to the questions that evolved around the integrity infrastructure. The audience learned about different ways to prevent unethical behavior and conduct as well as the means to strengthen ethics and integrity, to combat corruption and eventually strengthen the trust of citizens.

All panelists acknowledged that strengthening of ethics and integrity is a process in which sanctions and independent bodies with the ability to intervene are necessary. However, complementary actions from awareness raising and training of employees to providing incentives play an important role. The role of leadership in showing an example through their own actions and leading the discussion on values was underlined as the key prerequisite by all panelists.

In their concluding remarks Minister Kuščević and Beneficiary Country Project Leader, Assistant Minister Mladen Nakić acknowledged the importance of continued discussion on ethics when building a modern society that takes into account the integrity of the other person. They hope to bring back the smile on everyone’s face from public sector employees to citizens.


Project Leader, Assistant Minister of Public Administration, Mr. Mladen Nakić delivering the closing words

The event succeeded in attracting media presence from national HTV, Private TV channel RTL, State owned Croatian news agency (HINA) and news portal Nacionalno. The event was live-streamed and can be accessed through campaign website or here (NB: external YouTube link, the broadcast starts at 1h25 min)



Short Term Expert Ambassador Ann-Marie Nyroos from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, RTA Ulla Järvelä-Seppinen and Short Term Expert Marie-Françoise Brulé find it easy to smile after the successful event.


Ann-Marie Nyroos with Željana Radić, moderator of the event.



Text and photos: Resident Twinning Adviser, Ulla Järvelä-Seppinen

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